There’s a brand new set of missions in SimCity Social, the End Game missions who challenge us to complete some nice and easy quests and get a new building in our city, the Swim Stadium (yes, Swim, not Swimming). Either way, with a bit of the Olympic games feel attached to it, the new series started and I am here to share with you all the details about it.

So let’s see how to complete the SimCity Social missions in this guide!

Mission 1: Make Me a Mascot
– Ask friends for 3 Mascot Designs
– Guffaw at Mascots in Friend Cities (perform this action after clicking Mayor houses)
Rewards: 3,000 simoleons & 12 Exp

Mission 2: Plushy Rush
– Choose a Mascot Design 3 Times (perform this action at your Mayor house 3 times)
– Collect from 3-Star Toy Factory 5 Times
– Have 16 Training Facilities
Rewards: 4,000 Simoleons & 2 Exp

Mission 3: Tickle Me Merkin
– Upgrade SimCity Games Coliseum to 1 Star
– Collect from 10 Businesses
Rewards: 5,000 Simoleons & 12 Exp

And this is it! We have six days to complete the End Game missions in SimCity Social, but I am sure that will prove to be absolutely no problem. And, as I said, the reward will be a nice new building for our cities, the Swim Stadium which is an upgradable attraction that adds to your population (352 at level 3).


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