Episode seven has been released today and Shaiya’s latest expansion, Iron Invasion, is now live and playable. Aeria Games announced the additions brought by this package, which includes a new instance, new world bosses, a new crafting system, a new battleground zone and countless new items. The iron-clad invaders have arrived and the world of Shaiya is in need of assistance from both light and fury factions.

A new challenge has risen up to defy the courage of adventurers, the Infinite Sanctuary may be deadly in its own essence but the rewards for accomplishing this instance are certainty worth the risks. Aeria Games explained the basic mechanisms of this freshly released dungeon:

A brand-new dungeon called the Infinite Sanctuary has opened its gates to parties brave enough to take on numerous challenges. The Infinite Sanctuary offers five levels split into ten stages each, in which players are given varying goals such as killing all enemies, surviving for a specified period of time, and destroying target objectives.

The area known as Stable Erde has been transformed and it’s now an extensive battleground field “only accessible to players in their respective level ranges”. In order to increase the dynamic of this zone, numerous mechanical monsters led by four menacing new world bosses will be wandering around seeking for blood.

The crafting system can now count with the Chaotic Square, which allows players to synthesize all kinds of items, meaning that nearly every type of item can now be crafted. Lastly, players can now extend their character customization with the dying system.