MMOs are all about team play and interaction between the guild members – and we could say that, up to a point, it’s all about the guilds. Also, it’s well known that we tend to simply fall in love with our own character (and others’ but that’s another topic) and care for it like it is our alter ego. We’re also spending vast amounts of time playing these games and that means that we should be rewarded with the right to brag, at least, right? Well, that’s what Aeria’s MMORPG is going to offer us: bragging rights!

That’s going to become reality thanks to a new guild system which will see guilds in Shaiya having exclusive rights to guild rankings and guild houses – with only the top 30 guilds allowed a house. So, starting now, all who invest a lot of time and money to drive their character, as well as their guild forward, will be noticed and appreciated accordingly. Now that’s what I call a nice change!

But that’s not everything! Shaiya will also get some brand new Guild Scenarios (for example, if you show old Willow what you’re made of, you’ll grant your guild some amazing privileges) and Guild Battles – classic team-based PvP wars. With such an intense competition in the MMO genre it only seems natural to see improvements like this one. Way to go, Aeria!