Sony certainly knows that Shadow of the Colossus, their hit PlayStation 2 hit was highly successful and loved by people and therefore they are planning to get some extra money off the game’s back: they’re preparing a Hollywood adaptation. And although that sounds very interesting, we would’ve rather loved to hear about the development of a new Shadow of the Colossus game. So… should we expect that too in the near future?

All we know is that, according to the Risky Biz Blog Sony Pictures will produce the movie together with Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King and The Interpreter) which sounds good. However, the script is being written by Justin Marks, the one behind the disappointing Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

But we should not lose all hope for this Shadow of the Colossus movie since, unlike Street Fighter, it will most likely focus a lot on special effects. And there should also be lots of action and almost no talking in the movie, which makes me remember great classics like Arnie’s Conan the Barbarian or Red Sonja. Oh, Red Sonja…


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