If you remember, a while ago I wrote a feature regarding the best exclusive console games, one that proved that PlayStation 3s had the best exclusives. Well, today one thing is clear: Wii certainly has the worst games on the market. According to Metacritic scores checked by Edge Online, just 4% of the Wii games (a total of 12 titles) have an average of 85 or higher.

The majority of Wii games is pretty terrible, in the end, with 54% or 155 titles having a score of 65 or lower, leaving 42% in the “average” result line of 65-85 scores. Still, it is Nintendo who’s winning the console wars right now and their “rubbish” games still sell. Why? Because, as it always was in this world, gameplay is the most important thing in a game, apparently. And with its motion sensing controllers, the Wii certainly provides tons of entertainment and high quality gameplay, at least to the more casual players.

So… does this mean that, in the end, we should all get more casual and play rubbish games with interesting controls, or the developers should start producing high quality products that have both great controls and an overall high quality? The answer is obvious.