Jages Games, the game developers best known for the hit MMO Runescape, have announced a new project: Stellar Dawn, a futuristic MMORPG that will see daylight sometime next year. And I’m sure I’d love to see some spaceships around, but that will probably not be the case.

Stellar Dawn will be a MMO with deep and compelling science fiction storylines and a variety of gameplay styles. The game will offer players the opportunity to explore vast worlds of futuristic environments and engage with an extensive backstory as they progress through the game.

“Stellar Dawn will be Jagex’s biggest release to date and everyone at the studio is absolutely electric with excitement as we enter the final stages of development,” said Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO. “We are really happy with how well Stellar Dawn has come together. The team has deftly blended art, content and technology to provide the entertaining, long-term game appeal that we have become famous for. As we approach the public launch next year we will be revealing many more details about the game to the community on stellardawn.com.”

The developers promise that any PC with an internet connection will be enough to play the upcoming game, and you can already sign up for the closed beta by visiting Stellar Dawn’s official website.