For many World of Warcraft fans, the Carbonite addon is a must have tool since it helps with the gameplay so much that it’s basically hard to believe it’s offered free of charge! Developed by the same team that released the first version a few years ago, the WoW Carbonite Add-on just got to version 3.33 and it’s better and more stable than ever!

Therefore, Carbonite supports now the Blizzard maps added for the Wrath of the Lich King instances. All you have to do is click an instance on the map and select “Toggle Instance Map” and it will appear on the Carbonite Map. Then, the world is yours as they say since you can zoom in, create favorites for the instance and so on.

Combine that with the Deadly Boss Mod (which got to version 4.48) and you’ll have a rather lethal combination to aid you through the lands of World of Warcraft.

So… how do you like to play WoW? Using mods like the Carbonite addon or the Deadly Boss mod or just using the core game offered by Blizzard?