Even though the long lasting lawsuit between Bethesda and Interplay was reported to be far from over, we now have a big surprise: Fallout Online, a new website dedicated to the upcoming Fallout MMO has just been launched by the developers – you can see a glimpse of it in the image to the left (click to enlarge).

Although it’s just a teaser website, the Fallout feeling is right there and it’s amazing. We can see (and hear) an old disc player, two books – Coping with Mr. Virus and How to Eat Rat, plus a bunch of pictures that probably represent some early game art. Finally, you get to see a postcard with the Fallout Boy on it, reading “Wishing U Were Here”. Pretty awesome, huh?

The bonus, however, only now comes: you can sign up for the Fallout Online newsletter on that website and you can also tick a really anticipated box: the one in which you confirm that you wish to be part of the upcoming Fallout Online closed beta stage. Need I say more?

Just head over to Fallout Online, be amazed by the teaser website and hope for the best! Let us know if you were selected for the game’s beta!


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