runes-of-magicRunes of Magic players will have, starting today, even more places to explore thanks to Frogster America who announced a new dungeon for the MMORPG, a pirate-themed one! Yes, it appears that not even the mightiest mages were able to stop the pirates. Read on to find out more about this latest Runes of Magic dungeon!

Titled Treasure Trove, this new high level dungeon in Ravenfall further expands the story of the area’s involvement with the Black Sail Pirates and brings to all of us the ghost ship Black Mary (or Black Maria, if you prefer the original name) to explore.

Don’t expect an easy challenge though: undead pirates guard the entrance, skeletal warriors lurk inside the dungeons and Bashing Drybone are ready to… bash you, of course! That if, however, “Will’s Curse,” a gigantic octopus, doesn’t get you first! The final battle awaits adventurer groups on board the ‘Black Mary’. The vanished pirate leader ‘Snow Blake’ and her company will square off against intruders in her cabin, where she will employ all of her undead phantom abilities to finish them off.

So… are you up for the challenge? You’d better be, since it sounds like helluva fun! However, you’ll still have to wait just a little longer until you’ll see the Treasure Trove in Runes of Magic since the dungeon is now taking a final test run on the game’s servers.