maple-story-artIt’s party time in MapleStory now as Nexon America is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the free to play MMO! Originally launched on May 11, 2005, MapleStory soon became a leading free to play MMO, with over six million users in North America only (and at least one wacky arrest caused by MapleStory).

The anniversary celebration of MapleStory will feature anniversary weapons (Fourth Anniversary Weapons, Maple Hats, Maple Shields, Maple Earrings, or Fourth Anniversary Scrolls), item upgrades using Maple Leaves and more.

There is also a leveling up event planned, meaning that each time your character will level up, they will receive Maple Leaves depending on the level. To help you get to the next level faster and also to help you have even more fan, last year’s anniversary boss, Big Puff Daddy, will be summoned at random times.

Also, Nexon is preparing a Maple Quiz that will award you Maple Leaves and over 1,200 prizes (including digital cameras, iPod Touch and a laptop computer) are up for grabs in the 4 Candle Event. So yes, we could say that this year’s celebration is a proper anniversary for MapleStory!