GTARockstar has announced that as a “service for all GTA fans” they’ll be releasing many of songs from the radio stations on both Spotify and iTunes.

The list of games with albums released starts with Grand Theft Auto III – the first title to feature original radio music, and ends with Grand Theft Auto IV. In addition to the main game, the tracks from Episodes of Liberty City, Ballad of Fat Tony and the Lost and the Damned DLC are all included. The radio songs of interim games of the series; San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, Vice City, Episodes of Vice City and China Town Wars will also be available to players. Rockstar have stressed however that they’ve haven’t been able to include every song from the original games, but they’re hoping to rectify this in the near future.

On average the tracks are selling for $1.69 on iTunes, with a few costing more than that. Spotify on the other hand allows users access to their extensive song list for $6.99 a month, giving fans two options as to how they obtain their music. The full list of albums with links to both the Spotify and iTunes pages may be found on Rockstar’s official site.

In addition to the radio songs, Rockstar have also released a playlist of many of the old ads from the games. Players may peruse them at this link.