DRAGO Entertainment, following the numerous requests of players, decided to expand Grimlands and create additional versions for Linux and Mac. This release should happen before the end of the year according to Lucjan Mikociak from DRAGO Entertainment:

We always planned to bring Grimlands to more platforms besides the Windows PC, but the amount of requests from the Mac and Linux communities has convinced us to make these versions happen in 2013. And there are even more versions planned down the road.

Grimlands is an open world MMORPG where players can explore a vast world without level or point restrictions.The game displays innovative features, such as the RPG and FPS style mix, where players can aim, shoot and go stealth like in a real FPS and still explore, quest and create their own journey as a true RPG. Grimlands presents a set of unique skills and crafting professions. Basically, everything can be crafted by players; collecting all type of resources is a priority to create good quality items.