If there were still people thinking that Rock Band (and, why not, Guitar Hero) are not some huge money makers, this news will make them understand they’re completely wrong: not only that Harmonix’ game grabbed the 5th position in US sales charts, but it also brought the developers bonuses of over $300 million!

The money, awarded by Viacom following the acquisition agreement in 2006, are not the first bonuses to be paid to Harmonix: last quarter Rock Band’s creators also received an extra $150 million of pocket cash. Here’s what the parent company said, according to website Bloomberg:

“We may not have anticipated the payment would be that high, but it’s based on what they have achieved,” Viacom spokeswoman Kelly McAndrew said. “If they are making more money for us and we have to give a little back, that’s okay.”

And that’s a bit scary, you know. If 300 million are “a little” I’d be really curious to find out the whole number. Probably that will never happen and it’s not that bad, after all. I’m sure it’s more than many people could count, anyway.