I was a fan of the original Risen game and I think that I will love Risen 2: Dark Waters too, even though the game was released with many glitches and problems: the game crashes, freezes and for the unluckiest gamers out there it fails to start at all. Probably it’s a bad booboo the developers got from the times when they worked on the Gothic series – an amazing one as well, but filled with problems.

Either way, I am here to tell you a few tips and tricks on how to fix the Risen 2 Dark Waters crashes and the “game doesn’t start” problems, so check out the tips below and hope that they work for you!

1. How to Fix Risen 2 Dark Waters game doesn’t start problem
The error usually occurs to players who click the Play button and the game fails to load. In some cases the “Preparing to launch game” pop-up appears and disappears.

– If you installed the game through Steam, perform an integrity check or try to reinstall the game altogether.
– Disable all the programs running in the background (including antivirus) and try again
– If you have a fancy sound card, make sure to lower the channels from 8 to 6
– Make sure that your video card drivers are up to date (latest nVidia drivers add support for Risen 2, so you MUST have them!)

Also, the “Frequency out of range” message might appear in some cases. Here is what to try and do (this is technically easier to fix because the error means that you are trying to run a game with a resolution that isn’t supported by your monitor):

– Find the ConfigUser.xml in the install folder and simply rename it. Restart the game and Risen 2 will automatically create a new one that will fit your screen’s resolution

2. How to fix Risen 2 Dark Waters crashes

– Many players have reported on forums that they get a black screen (but sound can still be heard). This is usually an ATI-related problem and we have to fix it from the Catalyst Control Panel. All you have to do is to set Texture Filtering Quality to High.

– If you have Logitech G35 headphones, it’s tough luck: you must start with speakers or change the headphones because they are the source of trouble when playing Risen 2.

– Many players have reported game crashes or freezes when they tried to run trainers or other sorts of cheat engines. So make sure that you try to play the game “clean” or else you might get a really poor experience in return.

I really hope that these tips will help you fix the Risen 2 Dark Waters crashes and freezes. If not, let us know about your problems in the comment section below and maybe somebody will be able to help you!