empire_prologueEmpire of Sports is an online universe dedicated to all sorts of sports games like tennis, football, skiing, bobsleigh, basketball as well as track and field. The even better news for all the sports fans: the game has entered a new stage of its development, Prologue – which is Empire of Sports’ way of saying something like “we’re in Open Beta”.

Having kept the game playing community to a minimum during the initial private launch phase to generate feedback from the community, Empire of Sports is now ready to welcome a wider audience and thus continue to improve through to its official launch next year. And having in mind that until now gameplay, community tools and group dynamics were improved over the past few months, we can say that sports MMO fans are set for all the best.

In the game, players must train their avatars in order to grow their skill sets and become the best in this world of sport. Players can also purchase in-game items which will facilitate strength and stamina and improve all-round performance. But since otherwise it’s all free to play, why not download Empire of Sports: Prologue and see for yourself?