medieval-knightsSlitherine and Koch Media have teamed up to bring us all History Great Battles Medieval, an real time strategy for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. And you must admit that at least name-wise, the game has an… let’s say interesting name that certainly rings some bells to RTS fans out there.

However, History Great Battles Medieval is not the game you’re thinking about (unless you’re thinking at History Great Battles Medieval, hah). It is set during the Hundred Years War and it presents various conflicts between England and France in the 14th and 15th century, so you should expect to see crossbowmen, cavaliers and much more battling on the fields (a total of 40 different types of units).

A complete list of features, as provided by Slitherine, follows:
• Advanced graphics engine optimized for the capabilities of each platform
• Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework
• 70 Medieval battles, including 26 historical encounters from the Hundred Years war (like the well-known siege of Orléans or the Battle of Crécy)
• More than 40 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled
Weapons and shields are added to each unit by the player, giving an almost infinite number of equipment combinations
• Over 100 unique skills to customize your squads.