A great name for a game – we all know that many ladies consider shopping some sort of therapy, or at least a very relaxing habit, so Retail Therapy should stick like glue and bring in the girls like a huge 80% DISCOUNT sign at Prada. And the final result should be delighting as well, since Retail Therapy is one fun game to play!

That if, of course, you’re not playing already the ton of shop simulation games out there – Retail Therapy doesn’t come to revolutionize the genre, but adds in a bit more quality. The story is simple in the game: you have your shop that starts with just a few shelves and pretty soon – if you’re active enough, it will become a huge shop full of bling and happy customers.

The interesting part of Retail Therapy is the fact that it’s a game aimed 100% at ladies and I doubt any male would find anything to relate to in this title: the avatar (your character) is by default a lady and this can’t be changed, all the clothes are for ladies only and the entire feel of the game is pink and sweet and cute, so it would be a real surprise to hear that there are males playing the game (except for me, for review purposes).

That being said, to keep your all-lady customers happy in Retail Therapy, you need to order clothes or accessories from the distributors and here it will be a complete heaven: 7 main categories (tops, bottoms, skirts, outerwear, dresses, shoes and bags) and tons of products in each category, so you will never get bored when it comes to restocking. And the procedure is really simple: you only have to click the shelves, select an item from the catalog, select the amount needed (the more items you require, the longer it takes for them to arrive) and order. And then we wait – and then we repeat and so on and so forth.

Pretty soon, money will start flowing in and you’ll have some extra to buy decorations and personalize your shop – here the items available are as well varied, but not as impressive as the goods.

Graphics-wise, Retail Therapy made me laugh. Not because the graphics are poor – on the contrary – but because all the ladies look like and move like America’s next top model that has a too-good-opinion about herself and also happens to have a carrot up in her behind… or maybe it’s just me and my imagination, but you must admit that the characters do have a particular, sensually-creepy way of walking.

But this problem aside, Retail Therapy is a solid game that will certainly provide hours of entertainment to ladies and girls who want to have some fun far away from social games filled with dirty farmers or stinky homesteaders. So head over to Retail Therapy and give the game a try!