Platinum Life Review

Platinum Life Review

Yo, homies! After reviewing a game made specifically for an all-girl audience (Retail Therapy), it’s time to turn the page and go for an all hip hop act, Platinum Life, a new RPG or something like that.

Created by Heatwave Interactive, Platinum Life is a winner from the second you start playing and you see the beautiful big breasted blond girl that appear to be the game’s mascot and in-game helper. So yes, knowing that you’ll get to see a lot of her while playing is a bonus already.

But Platinum Life is not all about the looks – it is a mission-based RPG game that plans to turn you into a triple A hip hop star from a nobody selling mixtapes from the back of his or her trunk. Missions are played in the “Career” mode and they require Juice in order to be performed. Once completed, you can kiss that mission goodbye and move to the next one, knowing that you’ll never have to perform the same mission again – which is a really nice addition to the repetitive nature of regular RPGs on Facebook.

However, it’s not all diamonds and Gucci sunglasses when it comes to missions – juice disappears from your character very fast and replenishes a bit too slow in the case where you need about 15 juice points to perform once in the mission (and each mission needs at least several performances to be over). So be prepared to often have about 10 and 11 juice left, wondering what will you be doing for the next 20 minutes until you get enough to perform once more…

One thing you could do in Platinum Life is battling other people, the equivalent of fighting in regular RPGs. Here you don’t have Attack and Defense stats, but Fans and Crowd Response, plus the level that matters a lot. Basically, if you have many fans (friends who play the game), you can easily win all of your battles with players of a similar or lower level than yours. But in order to battle you need credibility which, just like the Juice, tends to be over too soon and replenish too slow.

There are also special missions that are connected to special, real hip hop artists, like Rick Ross, Ludacris, The Roots and more. However, you need help from your friends to get introduced to these famous people, so getting access to the special missions won’t be the easiest task of them all.

But if there’s one thing that’s flawless in Platinum Life, that is the music – 18 tracks by the artists featured in the game, with solid beats for all the hip hop fans. However, if hip hop isn’t your thing, then most likely Platinum Life won’t offer you anything to keep playing. But if you love hip hop and would like to become a virtual star, you should give Platinum Life a try.