When I first saw FrontierVille, I told myself: “This is the future of social gaming!” and it appears that I was right – Rescue Party, a lesser known game by Tribal Crossing mixes elements of FrontierVille, FarmVille and maybe a little bit Pokemon in order to create an amazing experience and overall a great game for the public.

Unlike FrontierVille, who is 100% quest-based, Rescue Party brings in collectible animals into play – and tons of them, plus gameplay twists that would certainly prove to be a tough competitor for Zynga’s game if Tribal Crossing’s title would have the same exposure, which unfortunately doesn’t happen.

So… what’s Rescue Party about? It’s about saving cute and strange animals from different planets and giving them a new home – as boring or stupid as it might sound, you’ll see that it’s actually quite complex and part of a really addictive gameplay.

First of all, you will have to plant and harvest crops in order to get the bait to lure the lost animals into your spaceship (you didn’t see that coming, did you?) – plants like Meatball, Bad Apples and so on. Then, armed with the different types of food, you must visit other planets and try to lure in the animals by giving them the type of food they prefer. It’s a trial and error quest here, but eventually you’ll remember which types of food go well with what planet and you’ll soon have your yard filled with little fun animals.

And since your actions are limited by the energy points you have (and which never seem to be enough), you can do all sorts of things while you wait for it to replenish: you can upgrade your ship or change its appearance in order to make it have room for more pets, build houses for the different species in the game or cook more complex foods in order to bait more complex animals. And you can never get bored!

Add to that the fact that, just like FrontierVille, Rescue Party also has a ton of missions for you to complete (and most of them appear to be a bit more challenging than the ones in Zynga’s game) and you’ll have a flawless title that will provide you with hours of top quality entertainment.

So please don’t miss this one out, especially if you completely love FrontierVille – Rescue Party is a tough competitor and a great game overall. So click here to play Rescue Party on Facebook! Have fun!