democracyAs long as the army uses video games to train (or even recruit) soldiers, why not use video games to train politicians, too? This seems to be the question asked by one-man developer Positech Games, creators of the Democracy series. In order to right the wrongs, the developer is offering free copies of Democracy 2, the latest iteration in the political sim, to all willing politicians. And let’s admit it – it would be incredibly nice to see Obama’s results at the game, right?

On the game’s official website, it is written: “Are you a politician? a candidate for real political office? an MP in the UK? A Senator or member of the House of Representatives in the US? or the equivalent anywhere in the world? If so, I…a humble games programmer from the UK would like to give you a free gift. a FREE copy of Democracy 2 for you to practice with.”

Marketing? A virtual slap on politics? You can call it as you wish, but it seems that this initiative was not completely ignored: Positech reports that Councillor Allan Andrews from Coventry was the first politician to accept a free Democracy 2 copy and there’s another politician that applied for the game, but he or she wants to remain anonymous for now. We’ll keep you updated if things get even more interesting!