ps-homeStarting today, your PlayStation Home experience should be much improved since Sony released a patch for their virtual world, taking Home to version 1.10. Alongside faster load times and various tweaks, Sony also fixed a series of bugs. We have some of the most important changes brought by the Patch 1.10, but you can still check out the full list over at the official PlayStation Forums.

– New “Remove Player” function that allows the creator to remove people from a Game Launching session. This is complemented by the Block Player function, accessible via the Safe Screen, which can be used to stop people rejoining.
– The speed of the initial log-on process has been improved and a progress bar has been added to provide you with more information about what is happening.
– Other players’ avatars will now load faster when you enter a space.
– The inventory system (that stores Home Reward items) has been reworked and made more robust. There were also implemented additional safeguards to help ensure that you cannot inadvertently lose any of your items.
– Graphical improvements to particle systems and water effects.
– Single-seat chairs and sofas can no longer be occupied by more than one person at a time. (sigh)
– You can now turn lighting objects on/off in your Personal Space.
– You will no longer be able to make a phone call to players who have deactivated voice chat.