heather-kuzmichHere’s a first – a supermodel and super beauty preferring to go to the geeky and nerdy games industry instead of the shiny, pink-ish catwalk! If things keep going like this, gamers will soon become one of the most appreciated types of persons, which would be helluva fun. But it’s still a long way till far, even though America’s Next Top Model finalist Heather Kuzmich made the small step forward.

In other words, the beautiful brunette has decided to enroll in a video game art design program at the Illinois Institute of Art (and we’d love to have her here at our Unigamesity, too – at least as a guest on weekends!) so she’ll soon be modeling something else than clothes – game characters. And it does make sense, since most of the good characters wish to save the world, too…

Anyway, Heather Kuzmich seems to be into playing games just as much as every other gamer. Actually, she’s the perfect type of player, since she’s not a fanboy (ahem… fangirl) and “gaming” for her doesn’t mean playing Wii Fit or My Pet Hotel. No, she plays on current-gen consoles, as well as PC systems and she’s a fan of serious games like the Resident Evil series, Final Fantasy VII, Prince of Persia and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. So it would be no surprise to see her in the top 99 most wanted girls sometime soon!


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