xiThe folks over at Sony have decided to offer PlayStation 3 owners a great, great surprise and finally deliver the first reason to get addicted to… PlayStation Home. As strange as it might sound, they have started the first console-based Alternate Reality Game, Xi, which is a perfect fit for those who fancy a solid, well done mystery solving.

In order to access the whole thing and get started with the Xi madness, you have to check out the graffiti in the main square area of the PS Home – this gives you access to The Hub in which a narrator guides you and reveals some hidden locations, gives you tasks and promises to tell you more on the go. A great, thrilling thing, after all and a perfect stunt from Sony!

They have also created the Xi boards for people getting stuck, for gossip and other Xi-related stuff, so if you ever get blocked somewhere, that’s the place in which you should find some answers. Now waste no more time, I’m sure that there’s just one thing you wish to do right now: explore the Alternate Reality of the Xi.