Oh, my! The future of free flash games really looks promising as Hetherdale, today’s free flash game of the day, manages to prove. Read on to find out more details about this diamond of a game, a title that could easily compete with the big budget, not free adventure games!

Hetherdale is a point and click adventure game set somewhere in Africa, where Dr. Heather Montrose finds herself looking for a mysterious hidden city, thought to have only existed in the demented mind of a 18th century poet. As you can imagine, it is your job to guide her and solve the quest!

Although the story itself doesn’t seem to be too much, what makes Hetherdale so impressive is the overall complexity of the game: we have a solid voice acting, some cool visuals and also some pretty smart puzzles – all in a free to play format, which makes it quite unbelievable! But it is 100% true.

You can see for yourself and experience a really solid and well done flash game by following this link and giving Hetherdale a try. And don’t forget to return to the Unigamesity for more solid flash games!