This is ShortyOh, my! That’s all you can say after experiencing the amazing Sift Heads World Act 1 game: Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day and definitely one of the best and most complex flash games of the year! Read on to find out more about this amazing game and give it a try – completely free of charge!

Sift Heads World Act 1 is basically a shooter/adventure game if something like that can exists. You start the game by choosing one of the three main characters, Vinnie, Kiro or Shorty and you then find yourself rapidly taken on an exciting ride where you have to think, act quick and pull the trigger when the time is right.

Unlike regular stickmen assassin games, Sift Heads World Act 1 gives you some freedom to explore two huge worlds, even though it might get confusing at times when you won’t be sure what you’ll have to do. However, in order to navigate in the city you’ll have a map and by clicking an area you’ll be taken there – no matter if you have something to do there or not. However, if you pay attention to the cool cutscenes, you’ll usually know where to go and what to do.

Once you get to the mission area, you’ll have to explore the region in a way similar to point and click adventure games (by clicking with the mouse on the locations you wish to visit), but in a first person perspective and usually with your gun pulled, since enemies might be everywhere. Even more, you have a health bar so make sure you return to the headquarters and heal every now and then if you wish to succeed!

Except for the cool missions and relative freedom of movement, Sift Heads World Act 1 impresses with some really amazing visuals and a soundtrack I am still listening too, even though I’ve finished playing – it’s simply amazing and every action movie would love to have one as good as Sift Heads’ one.

Add to that some Easter Eggs (like playing the Shiftendo console on an old TV) and more hidden goodies, and you’ll have a perfect flash game! There are just words of praise for this great flash game, so head over to Kongregate and play it for free by clicking here. Have fun!