Ah, the creature launch genre! I still remember wasting my life with Toss the Turtle and the genre only got better and bigger since then. A proof of that is Burrito Bison Revenge, the second game in the revenge of the Bison series that involves a big, hulky Bison and a ton of different types of Gummi bears that await to be smashed.

Because that’s the goal of your game: smash as many Gummy Bears as possible, while covering the longest distance with your launch. Easy and fun and adds a few new elements that will keep you busy during the Bison’s run through the poor little creatures.

Except for the special gummy bears that give us extra speed or height when smashed, we also have rockets to control our hits (good for when you see a special gummy bear that has to be hit), as well as a ton of other upgrades to improve our havoc wreaking abilities.

Burrito Bison Revenge is a fast paced title that offers a lot of challenges and quest to complete, it’s very rewarding in terms of fun and I am sure you will have a great time with the game: you simply can’t stop playing once you start it!

And having in mind that after you complete the game once, you will have the chance to unlock the story mode… I guess you should take a day off. Or at least a big break from work.

So trust my word when I say that Burrito Bison Revenge is a game you should play and head over here and give it a try!