It’s always nice to start the day with some brain training and this is what puzzle game Blockoomz will help you do if you decided to play this free flash game. I did and I certainly feel fit now, even though there were some stages where my anger managed to rise to unimaginable levels, if we are to think that we’re just talking about a game…

The concept of Blockoomz is pretty simple: there are some blocks on the screen and your goal is to clear them off with as few clicks as possible. However, the game itself is not that easy as it sounds: we have the regular exploding blocks which are a delight to see on your map. But we also have non-exploding blocks, non clickable blocks and even some stars to make our lives more miserable, because stars must not be removed.

So you’ll find yourself in the later stages quite challenged by the difficulty of Blockoomz – or at least I did – but still managed to do it eventually without any help from the walkthrough (apparently, the game comes packed with a walkthrough, so you can find your way even if you get completely stuck).

All in all, Blockoomz is a really solid puzzle game and if you think you’re up for a challenge today, now it’s your time to prove it: click here to play Blockoomz for free!