Probably not the most politically correct game of all times, Mass Mayhem 4 should be taken lightly and considered no more than what it is: pure entertainment for the bored. Add to that the fact that it’s a free to play game and you can play it in your browser, and you have enough reasons to enjoy this little sicko.

Mass Mayhem 4 puts you in the shoes of a guy who has only one goal: to cause panic, mayhem and to kill as many people as possible.

The methods for you to do that are varied enough to keep you playing just to see what’s in store next: a “peaceful” rocket launcher that slices people in halves, a kamikaze bomb belt or a chainsaw are just some of the items that your character can use to cause mayhem.

We’re also talking about small RPG elements, like upgrades and points – but I think it’s better if you found out all the details yourself by playing this fun game, Mass Mayhem 4 over at GamesFree. Enjoy!