REW is a pretty creepy, yet really fun and challenging point and click adventure game that you can play for free – and I highly recommend it to you, especially since it’s a pretty short game so you won’t waste too much of your valuable time!

The interesting thing about REW is that it’s an adventure game that you will play backward – you start by finding out that your character, a strange looking bear, has killed a poor little old granny. But it’s up for you to re-build the scenes and find out why everything happened. Of course, there are twists and turns and the ending is a bit childish, but nevertheless the game is solid.

The music is good enough to keep the spook on and the puzzles are short and not too frustrating, even though at times you’ll find yourself clicking on items randomly to see what happens next: because that’s all the gameplay on your side: you click on something, then another thing and so on. So you can eat while you play. Or pee!

Jokes aside, you should really head over to Kongregate and give REW a try. You will not regret it!