The original Doom, a game worthy to be featured in our nostalgic Time Traveling column, has been ported to flash by Newgrounds user Mike and it can be played for free now in your browser. So, if you ever feel like remembering how shooters felt like when the crosshair did not exist, or you just want to taste a bit of history, go play the game.

Although addictive as always, this port is still not perfect, especially the movement part, but it’s still a great job done by Newgrounds for the classic id Software shooter. Actually, it is such an accurate job that even the original cheats from the original game work! So there’s really no excuse (unless your boss is watching you right now) not to play the flash version of the original Doom!

You’ll notice that even though visuals are way better, crosshairs were introduced, sounds are more realistic and enemies no longer appear out of nowhere in today’s shooters, things are still about the same: corridors, shooting and monsters to be shredded into pieces. Not that I would have anything against that. The last 30 minutes when I played this flash version of Doom prove it!