Synaptic Stuff has announced its most recent gaming application for mobile devices: Piano Genius. This music title allows gamers to play big hits and classics without any previous musical experience.

The piano-based game offers over 300 songs, from classics to modern hits and the difficulty can be adjusted to the player’s skill. The intelligent interface makes the gameplay smooth and easy to learn. The system tells you when and where you should play the piano notes and chords, while the rest plays automatically. Social features are also included, you can share scores and compete with your friends. “As players level up, complete challenges and compete with friends, they’re actually playing real piano patterns without having to go through a learning app, which in itself is a lot more fun and intuitive then traditional ways of experiencing the piano”. said Jeremy Keehn, CEO of Synaptic Stuff.

Keehn added that Piano Genius is Synaptic Stuff’s first title focused on the excitement, confidence and accomplishment that music games can give.” This revolutionary game is now available for iPad and iPhone.