Smarter Learn has released a new educational game, Temple Order, with the “view to turn the educational games market on its head”, said Alex Cheney, CEO of Smarter Learn.

Temple Order is a digital education platform that takes use of new media and technology to entertain the young ones, while delivering education as well. The game mixes knowledge, fun and challenging activities in a modern way, as Cheney states: “There is no clear leader in the consumer education market, with the current offerings being outdated, underdeveloped and, most importantly, not interesting to children.”

The game’s plot involves the Bimbles, a friendly race who is being afflicted by the villain Dr. McSteel. The villain is stealing important intelligence objects known as Smartz; it’s the players’ job to get themback while avoiding treacherous pits and dangerous projectiles. Returning the intellect includes accomplishing educational challenges from many knowledge fields, however children will probably face the missions as pure entertainment activities: “The key ingredient is that the educational content is so embedded within the game, children are focused on returning the Smartz back to the Bimbles, the do not realise they are completing educational challenges.”

Temple Order is available on iTunes and Google Play. The game has several social features and tracking functions that allow parents to see how are their children progressing after each game play and in which areas they may need some support.