pes-2010With last year’s Pro Evolution Soccer game, Konami managed to fall behind EA’s FIFA in terms of quality and they’re trying to make up for that this year with PES 2010. There will be a lot of improvements to come with this year’s version of the game, all improving the complexity and realism of the simulation.

For example, Konami announced that, starting with Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, the Master League will now have expanded elements that will task players with some managerial responsibilities, like tactical and match day options and instructions, expanded game settings, as well as scouting and improved player acquisition dealings. There will also be youth teams in PES 2010, and players can promote the youngsters and turn them into tomorrow’s superstars.

Even though some or most of the improvements this year’s edition of Pro Evolution Soccer are not really some amazing features and most of them have been in EA’s franchise for ages, it is still nice to see that improvements are being made and the competition gets tougher. After all, when two big companies battle for supremacy and do their best to win the war, it’s the gamer who wins. So, after all, from our point of view, it doesn’t matter if Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 or FIFA 10 will grab the crown this year, as well as the products are of an incredibly high quality.