Konami have just announced they have signed a few exclusive licensing rights for their upcoming title in the Pro Evolution franchise, one that has been plagued in the past by the lack of licensed content. But things will change radically starting with PES 2009 and we’re really interested to see how will Electronic Arts react to this news.

Because, indeed, there is some big news here: for starters, a 4-years exclusive license with UEFA for the greatest European competition, the UEFA Champions League! Apart from that, the developing company has announced the signing of agreements with top teams Manchester United and Liverpool, which means that they will also be fully featured in the game.

Of course, by far the best license is the exclusive Champions League one and, just as I stated before, I am very curious to see how will EA react to the news: we all know that they used to release an UEFA Champions League video game on a yearly basis and things will probably change now. So the fight is finally starting to get ugly and for the moment Konami has the lead. We’re wondering for how long, though…

Company-beef aside, PES 2009 will be released this October on the 17th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. An improved Wii version will also be released in 2009.