If you started to play Paradise Life, then you certainly got hooked instantly and keep playing the game every five minutes – at least that’s what happened to me when I first started playing Paradise Life. However, in just a couple of days you’ll want a bit more from the game and that’s why I have decided to share with you this article with Paradise Life tips and tricks – a strategy guide for the game!

Paradise Life Tips and Tricks

– Focus on completing the quests – keep an eye on the quests and do your best to complete them as fast as possible, since they usually offer huge rewards, both as XP points as well as food, special items and so on!
– Add as many neighbors as possible – they are an invaluable asset in Paradise Life, and you’ll find then extremely useful for completing missions or simply getting forward in the game faster
– Hire neighbors to do your tasks – if you want to save energy in Paradise Life, you should hire neighbors to perform different tasks on your island
– Always keep an area on your island with some debris (grass, rocks, thorns, bones) since you might need them for future quests
– Try not to let your crops wither – you lose the money invested in them, the profits and also valuable energy that could’ve been used for something else!
– Keep an eye on the Facebook wall and try to click on all the wall posts there: you need all the possible goodies in order to advance in the game

How to make more coins in Paradise Life

– Visit your neighbors constantly and help them – you receive coins when you visit and help, as well as other goodies!
– Keep clicking on the bonus items dropped after performing actions and try to group your actions in such a way that you have many bonus items to be clicked – this way, you will fill the bonus meter and win extra coins
– Always plant crops and have trees to harvest, as they will produce a steady flow of income for your island.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to add to this Paradise Life strategy guide? Share them in the comment section below and don’t forget to also share this article with your friends!


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