The developer behind indie game Papers Please has confirmed that he will be releasing it this summer. The price is 10 dollars, which is confirmed on the game’s official site through a minimal browser game.

The browser game puts you on the opposite side of the immigration desk to Papers Please, tasking you with submitting your documents to an official. To get through, you have to bribe submit bribes along with your passport and permit. If you try and submit too little, the game knocks you back because it doesn’t “like your face.” Too much, and you’re arrested for overbribing. The “just right” amount is 10 dollars, with the browser then showing a screen that confirms that this will also be the retail price of the game.

Papers Please has come to mainstream attention over the last few months thanks to coverage by prominent Youtubers and gaming sites. This lead to the title racing through the Greenlight process, and so the game will be available on Steam when it’s released.

The official site has a link that allows you to download a free beta for the game.