dragon-rising-newscreenThe Codies are planning to improve the PC users’ Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising experience starting today with the release of the first downloadable content pack – the “Skirmish” pack, plus a title update improving the game and fixing some of the bugs that were left out.

The Skirmish DLC for Dragon Rising features four new multiplayer maps and two new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions featuring both solo and four player co-operative play. Hunt down SAM launchers hidden in the sprawling complex of ‘Lumberyard’ and assault dug in PLA forces and fight room to room in ‘White Fang’, two tense new ‘Infiltration’ multiplayer maps. ‘Annihilation’ multiplayer maps pitch armour and infantry against each other in rolling battles across a valley in ‘Stomping Grounds’ and in ‘Force Dispersal’ military bases separated by a strategic hill become a close-quarters killing ground.

New FTE missions include ‘All Round Defence’, which places gamers in control of air support and attack helicopters as they defend a fortified complex against relentless waves of PLA. In ‘Uphill Struggle’ players must capture a bunker under heavy fire from hillside reinforcements. Gamers can also recon the entire 220 km² island of Skira alone or co-operatively in a range of vehicles at day or night in ‘Island Tour.’

In other words – massive! And the best part about it is that, unlike the console version of the DLC pack, the one for PC will be completely free for download! So keep your eyes on the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising website and download it ASAP!