obamaIt seems that the President of the United States of America is not a hardcore gamer – or at least he’s not into “real” consoles as some would call the PS3 or the Xbox 360: instead, Barack Obama might be playing the Wii console together with his daughters, in the White House. And probably one could hear in the White House more than ever: “Yes Wii can!

According to a report from The Star, the President purchased the console this Christmas and it will be connected to the television in the mansion’s family room. Yes, it appears that the Burnout Paradise campaign was nothing but a campaign and did not tell us Obama’s videogame preferences…

Still, with the Wii installed there, we can only wonder what games will the family play. One thing is certain: it will be really strange to hear that Wii Bowling is one of the games, since the White House has a real bowling alley installed. So maybe – just maybe – Barack Obama will go for some more hardcore titles.

And with so many Miis looking like Obama out there but… could it be that one of them is for real? How would it feel to know that you beat the president at… Super Smash Bros Brawl, let’s say? Creepy!