Nvidia Project Shield Launches in June

Nvidia Project Shield Launches in June

Project Shield the handheld that can stream full PC games will launch in North America this June. No specific date was announced but the US pricing was. The handheld will cost $349, which seems fairly reasonable, if not just a little overpriced.

The Shield, as the device is now known, will be available for pre order on 20th May from US retailers Newegg ( who really should open a UK site), GameStop, Micro Center and Canada Computers. However if you fancy it you can put down the cash right now at the official Nvidia site and receive the Shield sometime in June.

Unfortunately no European details were announced nor any other regions for that matter. However one expects that a worldwide release won’t be too far behind the America release.

The Shield is a mobile gaming device that is capable of running both Android games and apps as well as being able to stream PC games. That is providing you have a Nvidia 600 series graphics card and a decent enough gaming PC to run the games in the first place. The handheld itself features a Tegra 4 chip which is apparently the fastest mobile processor with 4 CPU cores and a giant 74 GPU cores. The device also has 2GB of RAM. To put that into perspective the Shield has a similar spec to that of a mid-range PC from a few years ago.

The Nvidia Shield is available to pre order in North America right now and will launch sometime this June.