Hardcore gamers keep laughing at it, most of the people consider it a worthless toy and it did not receive a single vote in Unigamesity’s poll regarding the Best Gaming Platform, but Nintendo’s Wii still sells like crazy – actually, twice as better than last year, if you can imagine something as incredible as that!

According to some recently released sales figures from the NPD, people bought 2.04 million Wii consoles in November (up from 981,000 last year). And if there were still reasons for doubt – yes, Nintendo was the clear winner of the month regarding hardware sales, because added to the impressive Wii sales are 1.57 million DS units!

The Xbox 360 did well, too, recording 836,000 units sold and the PlayStation 3 was beaten by the PSP – the handheld being purchased by 421,000 people while the PS3 only sold 378,000 units. Very, very low numbers for Sony! And we can’t say the same thing about Nintendo: combining the sales recorded by Microsoft and Sony together, and the result will still be behind the Wii sales. Wondering if things will change this December…


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