Constant Wii U users in the United States can finally play longer without worrying about changing their batteries. Nintendo has released the long awaited Wii U Gamepad High-Capacity battery in the U.S. The batteries, which cost $32, are now available at the official Nintendo Online Store.

The standard 1500mAh batteries that are packed with the Wii U only offer around three to five hours of life. This new 2550mAh capacity pack will increase the life span to five to eight hours. Nintendo have stated that the batteries can easily be replaced using a screwdriver. These high-capacity batteries originally released in Japan all the way back in July, so it was due time for U.S fans to have the opportunity to purchase the product.

All four of Nintendo’s hardware have been selling exceptionally well, with even the Wii U seeing significant sale increase following great software releases such as Super Mario 3D land.