Ninja Royale is a pretty amazing mobile application that masterfully mixes and matches some different genres and types of games into a single product, managing to deliver an amazing experience. An experience that can be always extended by knowing some valuable tips and tricks for a better strategy, and maybe some cheats if they exist for the game.

We’ll start with a series of basic and not so basic Ninja Royale tips & tricks to help you get the most out of the game.

1. Choosing your ninja’s clan doesn’t matter that much – there is no real difference between them, so choose whatever you feel looks best.
2. Since most of the levels are about tapping on the screen, doing a bit of exercise with your thumbs before starting the battle will make them more flexible and it will be easier for you to hit at the right time.
3. If you’re having trouble controlling Ninja Royale with your thumbs, you can also try placing the phone on a flat surface and use the index fingers. It doesn’t look that “ninja” but if it does the job, it’s great!
4. Keep your eyes open for treasure chests – tap them as soon as they appear on screen for some nice goodies. These are not items you want to miss!
5. When battling against other players, make sure you choose players that are around the same level with you. Equal level is best – anything bigger it’s harder or impossible to beat.
6. Don’t forget to use the help of your friends during the versus battles: even though they won’t come in and fight instead of you, they will hit the opponent a few times for some solid and necessary damage which might make the difference at the end of the battle.
7. Keep adding friends – the higher your level, the more friends you can have in Ninja Royale, and make sure that you add them!
8. Don’t try to rush things over. This is a game that requires time and patience – so be a real ninja and prove that you have both!

Unfortunately, there are no Ninja Royale cheats that we’re aware of at the moment, but you can let us know in the comment section below if you know any or if you have any other tips & tricks to add.