Last August 13, Zynga introduced a new Mystery Bag on the Free Gifts page in Mafia Wars. It promised to contain new gifts and new surprises. Among the items that you can randomly get from the Mystery Bag are:

  • Chest Protector (22 Attack 36 Defense)
  • Meatgrinder (37 Attack 14 Defense)
  • Depth Charge (23 Attack 40 Defense)
  • Monk’s Robe (29 Attack 41 Defense)
  • Armored Briefcase (25 Attack 36 Defense)
  • BRM-38 (23 Attack 38 Defense)
  • Ru-78 Machine Gun (36 Attack 12 Defense)
  • Any Limited Time Only Item from the Free Gifts
  • Consumables
  • Boosts
  • Mystery Bag Collection Item

As you can see, there’s a new Mystery Bag Collection. It consists of Magnifying Glass, Shoe Prints, Calabash Pipe, Deerstalker Hat, Hand Cuffs, Case Files, and Mysterious Note. Once you complete the collection, you can turn it in to get a Maltese Falcon (42 Attack 65 Defense).

Mystery Bag Collection can drop from Blue or Red Mystery Bags. This is a good reason to send out Mystery Bags to your mafia members today.

Have you completed the Mystery Bag Collection? What is missing from your collection?