Zynga wants to apologize for all bugs players have experience from the Beat the Fed Challenge in Mafia Wars and has extended the event for another day. You still have seven days to beat all the three mastery levels of each boss.

As part of their apology, Zynga has also rewarded every player with 100 Victory Tokens and a Silenced Sniper Rifle, which has 70 Attack 28 Defense. I didn’t experience any technical issues these past days but I still received a Silenced Sniper Rifle.

Now people have a hard time beating the Feds, especially at the Gold Mastery Level. One way to beat them is to ask your mafia members for help. Hopefully a couple of your friends will help out. Or you can try to beat them on your own.

By going solo will take a long time but it is doable. Take note that you have five hours to beat a boss. During that period his health will not regenerate. But on the other hand, you can fully heal yourself through the hospital. Five hours will be enough to beat a boss. You just need to be patient and hope that your mafia members click on your help request.