Lonely-bullToday, while playing my FarmVille game and trying to decide if I should keep the Snow Blanket, I found out that a new animal has been introduced to FarmVille: the Lonely Bull. This is a new lost animal you can find on your farm and, if you decide to help the little fellow, you will have a post on your Wall and friends will be allowed to adopt it.

The nice thing regarding the Lonely Bull is that it is not like any of the other lost animals! When you adopt a Lonely Bull, you can either keep it on your farm, or put it in the Dairy Farm. If you decide to put the bull in the Dairy Farm alongside the cows, every time you collect milk, you’ll have a chance of finding a Baby Calf!

The more Cows you have in your Dairy Farm, the higher your chance is of receiving a Baby Calf! And you can’t receive one unless you have a Lonely Bull in the dairy farm!

So… what does a Baby Calf do? Well… you can collect 80 coins from them, after one day! And depending on the colors of the cows you have inside your farm, you can get either regular, pink, green etc cows and Baby Calfs. Pretty cool.

So yeah, we can say that the introduction of the Lonely Bull special animal is a really special one!