snow-blanketStarting today, thanks to Zynga, you can make your FarmVille farm get covered in snow if you purchase from the market the Snow Blanket upgrade which is really cheap. So if you really want to welcome winter to your farm, read on to find out what to do.

The Snow Blanket can be purchased by clicking on the Marketplace and selecting the Upgrade Farm tab. There you will have the option to purchase the Snow Blanket for just 1,000 coins. As you can imagine, your entire farm will therefore get covered with snow and it will look really festive.

Personally, I didn’t really like how my farm looked covered in snow – if you will have the same feeling, if you will go to the same Upgrade Farm spot, you will be allowed to switch back to the Green Pasture for the same amount of coins: 1,000.

Really nice of Zynga to allow us to cover our FarmVille farms with snow for such a low price!