Another week has come and gone in the world of iOS games. iOS 7 has been out for a little more than a week, and the new games are rolling in. With new developers and old favorites cranking out new games, the App Store is full of different possibilities this week. Developers EA and NimbleBit return with new games. From simulating businesses and playing one of the world’s most popular sports to fighting off monsters and the down right bizzare, looks like another great week for mobile gaming!

All Aboard!

Developer NimbleBit, makers of the popular Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, comes a brand new simulation game. In Pocket Trains, players build trains and tracks as they expand their railroad empire. The point of the game is to earn money by shipping different things to cities around the world. With the classic-looking pixel graphics, Pocket Trains is another addicting game by NimbleBit. Currently one of the two Editor’s Choices this week, positive reviews are pouring in. Pocket Trains is free on the App Store, with in-app purchases.


The other Editor’s Choice this week is a popular soccer game shrunk down for mobile. FIFA 14 made it’s way to the iPad this week, and people are excited. Currently with over six thousand reviews, players are excited about this game. A similar model to the recent mobile version of Madden 25, FIFA 14 allows players to build their dream team, play online with other people and keep up with the season in real time. Hopefully EA has adjusted their freemium model and social connection for this game, but time will tell. FIFA 14 is free with in-app purchases, including a premium unlock for more game modes for $4.99 USD.

Best of The Rest

Couple new RPG games this week. Tower of Fortune 2 has players fight through a tower with new additions from the first one. With retro-looking graphics, this game looks to have gamers reminded of RPGs of old. Available for $1.99 USD with in-app purchases. The other RPG is Fading Fairytales. Players join characters like Robin Hood, Aladdin and Pinocchio as they take down hordes of enemies. With fun graphics and a turn-based fighting style, this game is currently free with in-app purchases.

Fan of cats and puzzle games? Cat on a Diet has players playing as the overweight Dr. Meow, who’s owner puts him on a diet. Players solve puzzles and break through walls trying to reach the jar of cookies the feline wants. Cat on a Diet is $.99 USD with in-app purchases.

For lovers of Minecraft and Space Invaders comes Space Qube. An award winner at GDC 2013, players build ships as they fight through hordes of aliens trying to save the galaxy. The game also allows players to share their creations online, bring other player’s creations into their game and make their own 3D models in real life. Space Qube is $.99 USD on the App Store, with in-app purchases.