A magazine named Shonen Jump reported this month that a new Final Fantasy game was in development for Wii and DS, but there was no official data about the game and no official confirmation. Today, things are slightly different, since Eurogamer claims to have the confirmation from an unnamed Square Enix rep.

According to the website, the representative told them that the game is “not ‘officially’ announced yet, but yes, it’s for real.” Also it was suggested that this new title will not be a replacement for Crystal Bearers – so we have no reasons to worry.

This Wii/DS game will apparently be entitled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and it will offer cross play, meaning that both Wii and DS owners will be able to play FF: Crystal Bearers at the same time, further meaning that, even though there will be big gameplay differences (stylus and Wiimote will be used), the core game will be the same. And I must admit that everything sounds pretty incredible – let’s hope we’ll get a chance to see some screenshots as soon as possible!