Need For Speed World Release Date Announced

Need For Speed World Release Date Announced

There are quite a few people who have lost faith regarding a possible high quality Need For Speed game being released, but Electronic Arts keeps promising that things will change pretty soon. Hopefully the change will come with Need For Speed World, the MMO driving game that now has a release date announced: July 20, 2010.

Need for Speed World will be available as a free client download at world.needforspeed.com. The free client gives gamers a taste of the action with access to all races, pursuits and career progression up to level 10. Players who pre-order Need for Speed World will have a one-week headstart to the game on July 13th, with increased Rep (XP) gain for the duration of the headstart event and guaranteed access to all upcoming Need for Speed World beta events. Finally, players will also be able to reserve their driver names in advance of the game going live and have VIP status permanently displayed in their driver profile

Need for Speed World brings together best in class action racing with an unparalleled social experience. Players can compete against any one of their friends, family or pick from thousands of top ranked players to challenge in intense online battles and police pursuits across 150 miles of sprawling open world. Need for Speed World combines new content with the most popular cities from Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Carbon to create the biggest, most exciting race world ever released in the Need for Speed universe.

Will you give NFS World a try or you’ll just say “pass”?