It was quite a while ago when I’ve taught you how to fix Left 4 Dead 2 crashes and freezes, but it appears that I’ve missed one that started to bug me down for a while: the BEX crash or error, something very annoying I will help you fix. So if you’re having problems with this specific crash, read on!

The BEX error you can see when your Left 4 Dead 2 game crashes to the desktop stands from “Buffer Overflow Exception,” meaning that the game is trying to use some RAM that’s not available (of course, the complete definition is more complex, but that should do it for now). So… how to fix these Left 4 Dead 2 BEX crashes?

Most likely, the crash occurs if one or more of the game’s files are corrupted. This can happen because of various reasons, but most likely you have a mod or custom map that’s giving your game some real headaches. So the first thing you should do to try to fix the L4D2 BEX crash is to remove all the mods and custom maps you have installed. If the problem appeared after installing a specific mod or map, removing them should do the trick.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, don’t panic! There’s still one more thing you can try: start up Steam and right click Left 4 Dead 2. Select “Delete Local Content…” and wait for a while until all the stored content is removed (don’t worry about your progress and achievements, as they will be safe!). Then, download the game once more and start playing. The BEX crashes should be gone by now.

Did these solutions help you fix the problem?